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 where experiences happen!
Come for a visit on Feb. 14th ....Sweets On Main, hosted by the town of Margaretville and Roxbury. Wander through town, partake in craft projects, find our selfie stations and experience the sweets of our area.....Sid will be sitting in our selfie station...waiting to entertain you!

 Walk down the porch...it's worth the walk!  Come inside and wander through our locally handmade items. Our girls love to create so there are always hats, scarves, fingerless mitts, shawls, handtowels etc. to dig through. Inspiration abounds here with our yarns...from the inexpensive yet worthy..to the handpainted and handspun ...  our selection is sure to please you! The colors and textures just ask for your touch.
 The other half is where all the excitement takes place. We inspire people to knit, crochet, rug hook and weave every day. Stop in for help with your current project or set yourself up with a new project.....knitters rarely have only one thing to work on. Sit, laugh, cry, encourage, smile, scowl, eat and drink and be merry. It is what we do. Come and join our Sat. and Sun. groups.
Color,it's what we love.
 Come and see Tina's Handpainted Yarns and Rovings . Every two weeks I spend my Wednesdays dying new colors for the store. They are then placed on the shelf and first come..first served. It's hard for me to put everything I dye up on the shelf. As I am dying them I envision all the projects I could make with the yarns. Since there are not enough hours in the day to do this ......I try to choose just one for my personal stash and share the rest with customers!
Handspun wool, alpaca, silk yarn.....Project was inspired by small ball of cream colored wool and silk yarn . Spinning Fibers And Handspun Yarns
Touch my handspun yarns and don't be alarmed if you need to have it! It is a common occurance that takes place. Knitting with handspun is a treat. It may make you want to learn to spin....we can help with that also. Spinning fibers are back in stock and fleece is being dyed. I card up 8-10 groupings at a time and then begin spinning. Such pleasure! 
Woven Items  
I spend a lot of time weaving...being inspired always to do more by your requests for colors and more choices. I don't classify my work. A handtowel to me may be a dresser scarf or a placemat to you. I just weave them and let you choose the purpose. I have just recently moved my studio space into the house again....My loom and yarns has not enjoyed being flooded in my studio space twice... so I am back to work again. It was very inspiring to move the studio.....I found colors and textures I had forgotten about. Now to find enough time to create all the new ideas I have... Is sleep necessary is the question!

We are coming to the end of our first year in our classroom. Our Fiber Arts Room has been a huge success. It has been a thrill for us to be able to teach and inspire so many people, all of the new students which created new friendships.. has created a support group amongst fiber enthusiasts. We could not have done this without the support of our sponsors. Being able to offer classes and workshops at reasonable rates means that more people were able to partake in the learning environment we created.   Interested in becoming a sponsor? Our sponsors with a $1000. donation, get free classes for 3 months as well as a guaranteed chair for group knitting. If you are not interested in classes, we can choose someone to attend these classes on your behalf. 
Email for info.   tina@mountainyarns.com
We have expanded into the space next door to create Turid's Classroom

Check out our events page to see upcoming classes, workshops and group days. We now have lots of room to enjoy all of the things we love to do. Knit, Crochet, Spin, Weave, Rug Hook......it's all happening here.
Oct. 19th..11-2:30   $15.00 easy cable scarf...looks great on both sides!
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