Lynn Parker was well known for her Primitive Hookings. Her work is hanging in many homes world wide as well as in a few museums. This collection of her work is the last of its kind. She had an interesting view as to color and texture that resembles the work of years ago. Her hand dyed wools blended with many plaids, lends itself to her love of the primitive. With her passing, we have aquired the last ten or so pieces of her work and have the priviledge of offering them for sale at truly reasonable prices.
Lynn's work has long been in the category of "Primitive Folk Art". She would laugh at the though of it now being termed "Outsider Art".  This collection of her work is only available through our store and also on our online store. feel free to contact us for more info! 

Tina Harp Hookings are a more modern approach to color and texture.  My wools are all hand dyed in my studio where colors are created for each piece. I love creating work based on a color choice. My years of experience and the many workshops I have attended have helped me to grow to love the variety of hooking and the freedom of creating one of a kind works of art.   
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