Yarn and Fiber is a feel thing for me, but I have been asked to put my handspun and handpainted yarns on line as people that live far away can purchase without having to drive all the way here from there.  Pictures don't really do them justice. Stop by and touch them. The feel and colors are amazing!Lots more choices in the store
.Roving in stock ..Many colors to choose from
Hand dyed Spinning Fibers   Hand dyed spinning fibers
Hand dyed spinning fibersBFL and Tussah Silk 75/25

 BFL and Tussah Silk 75/25   a dream to spin!  
  BFL  our favorite roving to dye and spin
  Targhee   new to us but am enjoying it

Hand Dyed Yarn
 So many colors to choose from. Stock changes constantly...don't assume it will be here the next time you come in!

Hand spun Yarns 
The textures....colors....hand....its all a wonderful thing!

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